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    St Patrick Q & A

    Q: Is St Patrick still part of the Quad Parish?
    A: We still are connected as family after all these years, and we do still share the bulletin and information as well as a strong bond. However, we are now a standalone parish.

    Q: Where does St Patrick Financial support come from?

    A: Support comes solely from the donations of church members, every penny we receive goes 100% back into our operating budget. We do not get any other financial help, nor do we support any other church.

    Q: Who is responsible for day-to-day operations of St Patrick?
    A: St Patrick Oratory and St Patrick Parish have shared operating expenses with the Oratory paying 80% and 20% by St Patrick Parish. St Patrick Parish also has its own expenses that we must cover, Clergy salary, Music coordinator, musicians, cantor, and other supplies such as books, host, wine and others.

    Q: Is St Patrick now part of the Oratory?
    A: No, St Patrick is its own parish listed as such by the Diocese of Green Bay. We share one of the most beautiful churches in Green Bay with the Latin Rite. Canon Antoine Boucheron is the administrator of the day-to-day operations, but that is our only connection.

    Q: Has the Mass changed?
    A: We still are the English mass. The Diocese has assigned Priest Celebrant Father Philip Dinh-Van Thiep to our parish for the 4:00pm Saturday and 8:00 am Tuesday Mass as well as for weddings, funeral, baptism’s, etc. also you may see him at St Jude, St Joseph, and Annunciation as he assists Father Tony. We the people of St Patrick Parish are responsible for our continued success.

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